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Why Should You Practice HOT YOGA 🔥

Here are some of my favourite benefits of practicing in the heat!

Burn more fat:

As your body works to regulate its core temperature during hot yoga, your metabolism increases, allowing you to burn fat more effectively in the room. The bending stretching, and contracting of your internal organs and glands helps stimulate metabolism so you are burning calories hours after class is done.

Reduce stress:

Practicing yoga and meditation has been shown to reduce the size of your amygdala (which plays a key role in the processing of our emotions), so you'll be less responsive to various stressors life throws your way. Furthermore, yoga increases GABA levels in the brain, which has been shown to lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Improve your creativity:

Practicing in the heat promotes the production of new brain cells and strengthens the connection between them. People who practice yoga and meditation score lower on brain rigidity tests, meaning their minds are more free to come up with new and creative ideas.

Detox & Glow:

Sweating opens up the pores on your skin, releasing bacteria and dirt that lead to blemishes, while also removing your system of toxins the liver and kidneys can't (such as chemicals like BPA).

Sleep better sleep:

The heat stimulates your body's release of serotonin to not only improve your mood but to regulate your body's core temperature and sleep cycles. Practicing yoga has been shown to improve both the duration and quality of sleep, allowing you to feel energized and ready to take on the day!

Fight sickness and boost immunity:

The bending, stretching, and contracting of muscles and organs in yoga helps pump the immune-rich lymphatic fluid through the body helping to fight infections and destroying cellular waste.

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