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Why Yoga is a Big Deal

Yoga is about a lot of things, but largely it's about learning to stay in an uncomfortable place, while breathing normal. You take that anywhere you want. To your work life. To relationships. To parenting. To finances. This goes wherever you need it.

When you standing on one foot in Standing Bow pose, trying to balance, while kicking your leg back and stretching forward, when you remember to breath you find more ease and the whole thing becomes so much easier.

And then later, when you're outside the room and your in a situation that's hard to tolerate (work, kids, puppy peeing on the floor) you find yourself tapping into the same principles - taking a breath and the situation becomes more bearable. Your learning to respond rather than react. I always recall when my kids where very young around ages 4 and 2 and I had only started to practice yoga and I was in the kitchen making dinner and they started crying and I was about to go in and start shouting at them when en route I had revelation of stopping and taking a breath and so instead of making things worse I choose in that moment to respond - this has been life changing for me as a Mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend. And its a practice!

In this way, yoga changes everything. But it doesn't happen overnight. We return to the mat again and again because it takes time to embed this type of thinking. And like everything in life it comes and goes, once we get it, we lose it and start looking for it all over again. That's why it's called a lifelong practice. You keep discovering, learning and growing.

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Ronan Dillon
Ronan Dillon
Nov 21, 2021

Love this 🙏🙏

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