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Experiencing hot yoga with Jenny is the best, nothing beats this for me!!! Going back to hot yoga after a few years away I continue to feel safe and secure in the studio / plus the session is tailored to fit all levels. I think it is a lovely environment to learn and work at the yoga. Jenny has such a lovely way with all the students and I always come away feeling an immense sense of joy, and of knowing I’ve worked hard, been taught superbly and also with an added sense of being, which this class also brings and gives !


Jenny’s warmth, energy and encouragement can be felt from the minute you enter the studio. HYN is a place where I feel safe, secure and focus on what I can do with my body without judgement. There is such a lovely community atmosphere even throughout lockdown! Furthermore, the teaching is outstanding-no Hot Pilates class is ever the same so you are constantly challenging yourself. You need to go to the class to experience that amazing endorphin rush and sense of achievement! I absolutely love these classes-plus it has stopped any back pain I had! Win win! Thanks HYN


HYN is such an amazing yoga studio and community of beautiful people!
Every time I leave a class it feels like I’m walking on air!
It’s the one place i can stretch out my body and clear out my mind!
Thank you Jenny and the girls at HYN 


 I joined HYN 2 years ago. As a person let’s say “of mature years ” I was apprehensive. My main exercise was a couple of walks a week and I was worried that I was taking on too much. Walking through the door I was greeted with warmth and a great welcome, a good start. Then I could’ve cried with relief when I saw pinned to the wall of the bathroom a picture saying “you are enough “ That was the beginning of my love for HYN my happy, safe place. Jenny has shown me caring & kindness throughout my Yoga journey and reassurance when she says at every class “You do You” HYN is for everyone, stepping through the door on my first evening was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you Jenny & HYN Community


Hot Yoga Newry is like a home from home for me. I love the great variety of classes. I have been going regularly for about 2 years both in studio and online during the lockdown. I just love walking in the door because every single time, I know I will receive a genuinely warm welcome from Jenny and her team. It feels like I’m leaving all the stresses of life outside and going into a safe haven. I come out feeling completely refreshed with a more positive mindset. There is a great feeling of acceptance – come as you are, be yourself, do your best and no judgment! I always feel very positively motivated to get to the classes. Jenny and the team do everything possible to help us get the best out of ourselves. The results for me have been that I feel mentally stronger – I can get myself out of my head and into my body; I am physically stronger and more toned; I am more accepting of myself as I am and I feel very connected to the supportive community that Jenny has created. She is a very positive, friendly, kind, giving and nurturing person and this ethos runs through the community. I highly recommend Hot Yoga Newry and can’t wait until my next class!


From the minute I walked into HYN, I felt at home. Jenny was so friendly with that big smile and made me feel at ease right away. I have newly diagnosed MS and I was very apprehensive about starting any type of exercise programme but I needn't have worried! The programme is suited to ALL levels of ability with a strong focus on 'you do you' and this has really helped me to feel that as long as I'm working to my full capacity, regardless of whatever others are doing, I am getting the benefits. But the benefits aren't just physical. Mentally the classes help you relax and focus on the here and now which has been great for me as I am such a worrier! Couldnt recommend Jenny and her amazing team highly enough.


HYN is much more than a place to exercise, it feels like a way of life for me. As someone who has a chronic health condition which causes chronic pain and fatigue, I found regular workouts led to increased pain and injuries for me over many years. As someone who enjoys exercise, this was very upsetting and deeply frustrating. Until I found HYN! The hot room has not only helped my pain, but it has increased my strength and flexibility. But above all, it has helped me to accept my body and my condition. There are some days I can do things and other days, I can't...and that's ok. Jenny has created a space that truly promotes acceptance, self-compassion and lightheartedness. Because of this, instead of shaming my "wonky body", HYN has allowed me to appreciate what my body can do, and this has made my life a lot easier, and more fun!


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