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Don't let your Computer wreck your spine!

As you probably know from experience, when you're working on a computer, especially a laptop, gradually your eyes get closer to the screen, you chin juts, your back rounds and your shoulders lift. What you might not know is that this posture overstretches the back muscles and shortens the connective tissue in the front of the body. Over time, your body memorizes this unhealthy collapsed misalignment as its new way of being. Fixing the posture uncrushes your lungs, muscles and organs and ups your energy level (because you'll be able to breathe better).

What to do:

Elevate your computer so the screen is at eye level or just above sure your elbows and hands are on one plane.

Use a pillow under a laptop if its on your actual lap.

Try to get up and move about for five minutes in every hour.

Get on the floor and practice your spine strengthening series, (especially if your working from home!).

Look up!

Book an amazing class at HYN, as you know every class (Bikram yoga or Hot Pilates incorporates strengthening the postural muscles).

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