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Little bit about my background

I really loved chatting with Jennifer from Chill 4 Health in her latest Podcast.

My earlier years was lots of back and forth from the USA! (hope you don't get dizzy, I had think Aer Lingus made lots of money from me 😂)

In Podcast 2 Jennifer from Chill 4 Health talks to Jenny McParland owner of Hot Yoga Newry. Jenny was born in Boston, MA and moved back to Galway with her parents. She went out to San Francisco when she was 20 and later returned home to work in an administrative role. Jenny then returned to Boston in her early 20's where she met her husband Greg and raised her young family in Boston. Jenny returned to live in Newry and shortly after opened The Hot Yoga Studio in Newry.

In this conversation we get an insight into what Jenny considers to be important to maintain balance in your life - for example: Practice Gratitude, be thankful for what you have instead of what you have not! show self-Compassion, lower your expectations; understand mindfulness and practice meditation.

Jenny explains how yoga has helped her adjust own outlook on life and how she lives by the mantra YOU do YOU.

Jennifer and Jenny discuss the book Atomic Habits and how Hot yoga benefits the body, it helps ease back pain, knee pain, hip pain, head pain, both physical and mental anxieties and taking time for self-care helps you feel better.

Top tips:

Practice Gratitude

Practice Meditation

Go out for a walk

This you tube video is an intro to our chat as well 😊

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