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Jenny McParland

Studio Owner


I began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2008 when my husband brought me to my first class. I couldn’t believe how challenging it was and how much I sweated! After class the sense of feeling so calm, relaxed and yet energized I knew I had to return! I graduated from the intensive 500-hour, 9-week Bikram Yoga teacher training programme in June of 2011 in LA.

Being a mom of two teenagers the yoga has helped me through many of life’s trials, from returning to Ireland in July 2014 through to healing various physical ailments (I had sciatia on and off for many years and this yoga has helped overcome it), it has helped me become happier and healthier in my life. I love teaching this yoga and seeing the positive influence it has on everyone. I am delighted to introduce Bikram yoga to Newry!

Since my introduction to yoga I have become more conscious of my health and the importance of nutrition, the fuel for your body and mind. To further my awareness, in 2013 I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I have learned over a 100 different dietary theories and the understanding of bio-individuality.

To satisfy my love of learning in the past four years I have completed the following trainings:

Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor

Yin Yoga Instructor

Hot Yoga 26 plus

Hot Hatha Sculpt 

Level Two fitness instructor

Inferno with weights

I love to share everything I've learned to help you become your best self, you will leave my class feeling empowered and renewed.

See you soon.

Meet Your Team: About Us


Meet Your Team: Our Team
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Hot Yoga Instructor

I remember my first visit to HYN – I had read the word “Yoga” and the word “Newry” but had somehow failed to take on board the word “Hot”. Ninety minutes later I was a sweaty mess who felt like they had been run over by a yoga bus – but I also felt totally elated and knew that I had found my perfect fit.
The best advice I can give to anybody unsure about coming to a class is – just try it.
Turn up with a mat and some water – find a space – and that’s it. You’re in. You are part of the group, part of the experience , part of the community.
Each class will be the same 26 postures but each class will also be completely different as your practice evolves and changes and you notice your fitness and your flexibility increasing, your focus sharpening and your mood lifting. So why don’t you leave your preconceptions of what yoga is, and what you can do, at the door – and be prepared to surprise yourself.
Jenny has created an amazing community  - and I can truly say that I have never left a class, be it as a student or a teacher, without feeling 100 % better than when I went in.
So please come down and introduce yourself - and if you leave my class feeling slightly taller, with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step then that’s a good day at the office.

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