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On the hearing the news last Thursday that we are unable to open till mid Dec, I was initially pissed off & extremely disappointed. I was so excited at the thought of seeing everyone again & sharing our amazing classes.

This morning I went for a short walk down the lane & I was completely caught up in the uncertainty of trying to run a small business in theses times. Billy (doggie) pulled on my lead & jolted me into the present & I remembered tools I have used many times in the past. I took a few deep breaths, instantly working it’s magic as I felt more present.

I had gotten so caught up in the overthinking it was making me feel anxious & overwhelmed.

I got lost in the view, in the air on my face & the sound of birds chirping & I realised one of the main tools of the practice of mindfulness is that it helps disrupts our habit of getting lost somewhere between our eyebrows & helps us be aware of the present. I had previously come upon the acronym:STOP

(Which I had done unknowingly on my walk).

it’s a four-step mindfulness tool


Make this declaration to yourself whenever you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or disconnected from your desired outcome: STOP! 

Stopping creates an interruption so you can reroute to the next step.


Yup, just breathe. By shifting your focus to your breath, you naturally slow your heart rate and brain waves. And your awareness shifts from the hamster wheel of mental overactivity to the calming flow of breathing in and breathing out.


Now you’re ready to pay attention with purpose by observing the following:

  • Name your emotions, and you begin to loosen their grip on you. 

  • Take an inventory of yourthoughts – without getting caught up in them – and you’ll get some good intel that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t stopped.

  • Notice what your body is saying. Is your gut in a knot? Does your heart ache? Are you sweating? Your body is always communicating to you, and it’s easier to hear when you take a beat to listen.


Now that you’ve stopped, soothed your body, and gained some awareness of what’s holding your attention, you’re better equipped to make a more purposeful choice that’s rooted in your truth and supports your wellbeing.

While STOP may appear simple on the surface, the more you apply it, the more you’ll discover what a great tool it is for cultivating a lifestyle of less stress and more joy.

I came home & felt more lightheaded & at ease. I hope you find this tool helpful in theses challenging times.

big hugs

Jenny xxx

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Nov 22, 2020

Love this Jenny 🤗, it is so true. As we say... This too shall pass and we will be back through those doors very soon 🤗


Sinead McParland
Sinead McParland
Nov 22, 2020

Love it jenny. The more tools we have in our tool belt in these challenging times the better we will be. Taking a few breaths is definitely helping me today. 💗💗💗


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