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Every heard of a vision board?

These are collages that reflect your dreams through magazine clippings, photos & postcards.

It's crucial to get clear on your vision and paint a picture of it.

Grab a journal and spend 5-10 minutes writing a detailed description of what your life will look like when you've met your big goals.

Here's some questions to ask yourself, have fun and great creative.😊

What will my life look like when you've met your your big goals? Think about where you will be living, how much money you will be making, how you'll be serving the world, the types of people you'll surround yourself, how you'll eat and dress, whether you will travel and is so, where you will go, and any other details that are part of your vision.

Now, close your eyes and take five deep breaths as you step into your vision. Don't embody the feelings of wishing for your vision to materialize; step into the feeling of having it already.

What are 1-3 weekly and monthly tasks you can do to reach this goal? Do it at the same time every week and create a recurring calendar reminder now.👍

You are now on your way to making your vision board your reality. Stay motivated, relaxed and most importantly consistent and the process will be just as enjoyable as the end result.

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