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🔥Studio Re-Opening🔥

I was thrilled to receive the news that the studio can re-open this Friday, December 11th.

The booking system is open!

Below is a reminder of the measures in place to keep you safe.

The studio will open 15 minutes before class time and close promptly 15 minutes after class. We will not be able to hold the door for late admittance.

If you're at all sick or knowingly have come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19, please stay home and practice online. We ask that your use hand sanitizer before and after class or use bathroom to wash hands.

We will take your temperature on arrival.

Please arrive wearing your mask and keep it on until you are on your mat in the studio.

Maintain social distancing in studio.

No-walk ins will be allowed.

We will have the mat spaces outlined clearly on the floor.

No sign in, just stop by the desk, tell us your name, and we'll check you in!

We won't be opening the changing/shower rooms so please come already dressed and ready to sweat! Bring as few personal belongings that you don't need for class as possible.

Please do bring a mat and towel.

We will not be providing mat and towel rentals.

We will sanitize the space thoroughly.

Mats are available to buy at studio for £15.

At the end of class the instructor will ask the person closest the door to leave first and then one at at time in the back row first and then one at a time in the front row to maintain social distancing.

There is 30mins between each class to give us sufficient time to clean studio before the next class begins.

If you're not quite ready to come back yet, that's totally fine! There is a variety of recorded classes to stream from the website.

Upon booking please read over Updated Waiver Form on website.

We have missed you all so much and we can't wait to see you, the hot room is going to feel soo good.

Jenny & team xxx

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Roisin McKenna
Roisin McKenna
Dec 07, 2020

Amazing!!! See you on Friday!


Jennifer Armstrong
Jennifer Armstrong
Dec 07, 2020

Brilliant news! Just booked Saturday morning, can’t wait 👍👍

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